Elemental Nutrition AAKG

Elemental Nutrition AAKG is a stimulant free pre workout supplement designed to help provide a great muscle pump during training without that wired feeling often associated with stimulant based pre workout supplements. It is an excellent supplement to use on its own or in conjunction with other pre workout supplements to help maximise your pumps during training.

Elemental Nutrition AAKG Benefits

AAKG is the salt of L-Arginine and Alpha Ketoglutarate. AAKG is believed to be a superior form of L-Arginine because of its ability to increase energy production in the Krebs cycle and also spare glutamine, while at the same time boosting arginine levels. In other words, supplementation with AAKG can help:

  • Support improved blood circulation and pumps to the muscle thanks to increased arginine levels
  • Boost energy production to help benefit training and performance
  • Aid in immune function and muscle protein synthesis by supporting glutamine levels
  • Has potential interactions with hormone support such as growth hormone

Why Use Elemental Nutrition AAKG?

If you’ve been training for awhile and need a bit of a boost when it comes to your sessions, pre workout supplements are the way to go. However, many of them contain high doses of caffeine and other stimulants, which may leave you feeling too wired to train effectively. AAKG on the other hand has the benefit of boosting workout and performance without overstimulating your nervous system. Besides a good pump, AAKG also has added benefits to post exercise immune function and also muscle building itself, thanks to the ability of the ingredient to spare glutamine. To get the most out of the supplement, Elemental Nutrition have added in Vitamin C, BioPerine and Protease to help boost its absorption into the system and quick action. If you want a more natural and good value way of boosting nitric oxide levels, your pumps and enhancing your workouts, you can’t go past Elemental Nutrition’s AAKG.