Elemental Nutrition BCAA+G

Elemental Nutrition BCAA+G brings together four of the most potent and crucial amino acids for muscle growth and recovery together in one handy supplement. With a third of our muscles being comprised of BCAAs or branched chain amino acids and with exercise depleting these levels, it makes sense to supplement with a good source of these amino acids. In addition, the added Glutamine further enhances recovery for a quicker return to training.

Elemental Nutrition BCAA+G Formulation

  • 8g of BCAAs per serve
  • Premium ratio of four parts Leucine to one part Isoleucine & Valine
  • Strong anti-catabolic effect – helps to reduce muscle breakdown
  • High dose Leucine – considered the most anabolic of all amino acids
  • Added L-Glutamine to further support recovery and for immune system support
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Raw Ingredients
  • No unnecessary fillers or binders

Why Use Elemental Nutrition BCAA+G?

Exercise and training breaks down muscle, which is an inevitable and even necessary process for eventual growth. However, excessive muscle damage caused by a mismatch of synthesis and breakdown is really what you should be concerned about. Left unchecked, heavy muscular damage can result in increased and prolonged soreness and a lack of real gains over time. Supplementing with high quality branched chain amino acids such as the ones found in Elemental BCAA+G is the remedy your body needs after an intense physical session. It helps to provide the essential nutrients your body needs, but can’t produce. By doing so, you are forcing your body to recover faster and grow. The added glutamine in BCAA+G will also ensure ideal recovery conditions, by supporting muscle protein synthesis and a healthy immune system. If you’re feeling run down due to tougher workouts, then BCAA+G is the perfect cure.