Elemental Nutrition EPO

Elemental Nutrition EPO is a one-of-a-kind supplement that provides an innovative and unique range of ingredients designed to help support and improve endurance capacity. When it comes to workout performance, there are a range of key variables that will affect eventual gains. These include strength, power and endurance. By improving any of these key variables, you can help increase your workout intensity and therefore your gains; whether they be muscle/hypertrophy gains or fat mass lost. If you want to train more effectively for longer, then Elemental Nutrition EPO was designed just for you.

Elemental Nutrition EPO Benefits

  • Ingredients to Boost Mitochondrial Function
  • Improves Muscular Endurance
  • Promotes Quicker Recovery
  • Improves Muscle Soreness Following Exercise
  • Improved ATP synthesis
  • Better Blood Flow & Oxygen Utilization
  • Lowers Rating of Perceived Exertion
  • Stimulant/Caffeine Free (Take any time of day)

How Does Elemental Nutrition EPO Work?

Elemental Nutrition EPO works in a number of different ways, but all the ingredients work together synergistically to support endurance, reduce fatigue and enhance recovery. For example, Citrulline helps to boost blood vessel size, helping to bring more oxygen to the working muscle as well as increasing the rate at which fatigue causing metabolites are taken from the muscle. Other ingredients such as beta-alanine help to buffer the increasing acid buildup in the muscles, which can impact on its performance. Still others such as acetyl l-carnitine help to provide a way to create more energy if you will, helping to support longer intense training sessions. Aside from acute performance benefits, Elemental Nutrition EPO also provides a range of ingredients such as Rhodiola which limit the impact of muscle damage and the physical stresses of tougher training sessions, speeding up your return to the gym.