Elemental Nutrition GABA

Elemental Nutrition GABA is pure 100%, pharmaceutical grade Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA). Free from any fillers, binders, artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives or any other additives, Elemental Nutrition GABA is a cut above all the other GABA supplements on the market today. You’ll find that many athletes, bodybuilders and strength training athletes consider GABA to be a staple in their supplemental arsenal to support their training, performance and recovery.

Elemental Nutrition GABA Benefits

GABA has a long established history and was in fact first synthesised way back in 1883 in Germany. GABA may stimulate the production of Human Growth Hormone levels (also referred to as GH or HGH). Considered the fountain of youth, HGH is renowned for its muscle building, fat metabolism as well as recovery properties. Unfortunately HGH levels decline rapidly with the ageing process, and with it comes a marked decline in muscle mass and strength, as well as the dreaded increase in fat stores. Supplementation with GABA can be beneficial in negating some of these unwanted effects and ensure continued progress in and out of the gym when it comes to gains.

Elemental Nutrition GABA Dosage

When it comes to GABA supplementation, you want to have the right dose, as too much and you’d be at risk of reversing its beneficial effects. The ideal dose of GABA is 3g and this should be taken away from any protein shakes or high protein meals and the protein’s inherent aminos can compete with the absorption of GABA and thus reducing its effectiveness.