Elemental Nutrition HGH

Elemental Nutrition HGH is formulated off the back of the ‘Rome study’ conducted by Italian researcher A. Isidori, M.D. at the University of Rome. This study suggests that supplementing with a specific combination of L-Lysine and L-Arginine Pyroglutamate leads to increased Human Growth Hormone production significantly after ingestion. As with most other current natural growth hormone support formulations, Elemental Nutrition HGH contains the above two ingredients, however, unlike many competitors, Elemental Nutrition doesn’t skimp out on the dosage. Each serve contains the amounts used in the clinical studies.

Why Use Elemental Nutrition HGH?

Simply put, your body’s natural ability to produce growth hormone decrease with age. This process occurs earlier than you think and for some individuals can be as early as age 20. The rate of decline can be as much as 15% every ten years. What this means is that by the age of 60, your body is secreting only a quarter of its potential growth hormone production. What does this mean? This drop results in a speeding up of the ageing process and is strongly associated with cardiovascular health, body fat levels, bone health, skin wrinkling, greying hair, declines in energy levels and libido as well as reduced physical performance; resulting in decreased lean muscle tissue and strength. It may also affect other important hormones in the body such as testosterone; another important anabolic hormone supporting muscle building and fat loss.

The use of Elemental HGH offers a natural way to help optimise your body’s production of growth hormone and therefore maintain your body’s ability to support lean muscle growth, fat loss and performance improvements with the right training and diet.

HGH Benefits

The international medical fraternity recognise the following benefits of improved HGH levels;
•    Strength Increases without an exercise program
•    Muscle Increases without an exercise program
•    Spin-off Testosterone Increases
•    Reductions in body fat without a change in diet or nutrition
•    Increased sexual performance
•    Increased cardiac output
•    Improved kidney function
•    Increased HDL cholesterol, decreased LDL cholesterol
•    Improved wound healing
•    Hair growth
•    Mood elevation
•    Improved sleep
•    Enhances activities of all other hormones
•    Improves immune system
•    Improved exercise performance
•    Regulates blood pressure
•    Develops stronger bones
•    Improved skin condition
•    Increased mental performance
Elemental Nutrition HGH is a game changing supplement for any serious trainer looking to continue their gains in the gym. However, it is also an ideal supplement for the non-trainers out there who desire improvements to their quality of life.