Elemental Nutrition Shredding Matrix

Shredding Matrix is The Ultimate Fat Loss Protein Powder designed for those seeking to shed excess fat, whilst developing lean toned muscle. Elemental Nutrition Shredding Matrix has been specially formulated to provide you with plenty of lean, sustained release protein to help supply your muscles with what it needs to recover and to grow. More lean muscle equals more metabolically active tissue, which will help support a leaner body composition. Each serve of Shredding Matrix provides over 30g of protein as whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and calcium caseinate. Together, these proteins will help to keep you fuller for longer and away from any poor snacking choices, but also help to consolidate your efforts in the gym.

Powerhouse Fat Loss Matrix

Besides the protein, Shredding Matrix contains a premium complex of fat loss ingredients, which have been studied for their role in supporting fat and weight loss. These ingredients include:

• 1000mg per serve of Hydroxy Citric Acid to block carbohydrate digestion and absorption
• Over 600mg per serve of L-Tyrosine for thyroid stimulation
• Added L-Carnitine to support fat metabolism and burning
• Added Caffeine & Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange Extract) to support energy levels, suppress appetite and keep you mentally focused throughout the day
• Fortified with Green Tea Extract to help support metabolism

Along with the protein, these fat loss ingredients will help speed up the fat loss process and get you to your ideal goal weight faster. Whether you’re a male seeking to rip up or a female looking to get lean and toned, Shredding Matrix from Elemental Nutrition is an excellent tasting, great value protein designed specifically for your needs.